Saturday, August 22, 2009


Registration ... Long lines, exhausted attendees, obnoxious students with attitudes and full classes.

Yay! Financial aid came through and my required math class is full. I can't take classes during the day because I am Lotus's day care. Yale works later afternoon to midnight and it just doesn't workout for me in that way.

The catch 22. If I had a job that helped towards the bills and left enough over for a great day care then this wouldn't be an issue. However, that is not our circumstances. I try to resolve this in myself. I talk to my ego and practice mindfulness.

I again bow down to the single parents and the stay at home mom (like myself) who are trying to better themselves for a reasonable future.

My professor appears disappointed that I can't attend during the day and pile more classes onto my schedule. She wants to get me in and out with that AA degree. I can only do what is possibly and I keep having to remind myself that.

I'm taking required courses art something, speech which makes me angry and I have to really check my ego on this one. My ego says "You do this for a living ", and then it tells me to calm down just do the next indicated step. "It's not about you, it's about Lotus's future."

I am breathing through it although, it at times is not easy. I am back at the beginning finding out my already taken credits don't apply in MD...It's going to be okay because I AM GOING TO SUCCEED!

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