Friday, August 21, 2009

The Reasons

This blog is like a diary/journal of my experience with going back to school at 40 years of age. It's not intended to be a great edited literary work but, more random thoughts and feelings.

In July 2009 I turned 40. It wasn't a particularly exciting day, just more like every other day. I still had the same old gray hairs, my breast were still holding on and slightly upward. All in all I was 40 with a successful career as an entertainer but in a holding pattern while the economy desperately tries to fix itself.

As I watch Lotus grow physically as well as her needs, I watch Yale working himself to the bone to just pay the bills. I find myself like the average American family, struggling to keep it all together while the savings dwindles to a close nothing. Something must be done.

I wanted to make sure Lotus, Yale and I had a future as a family. As it stood now, we were work horses of life and not necessarily enjoying the process.

After speaking with Yale (who is a scholar) I too decided I would pursue the road of academia. I chose a field that I was most familiar ... performing arts. I had attended some junior college 10 years prior to pursue my complete certification as an alcohol and drug counselor. I already had a certificate as a Relapse Prevention Specialist.

After being disillusioned with the whole working at "chic rehabs in Los Angeles" I opted out of that business and back into my career as an actress full force. That proved successful for the last 8 years. Then the economy happened.

I began to also look for work and kept coming up against the "piece of paper" I clearly didn't have. My experience and expertise in the area of stage/film/TV is that equal to a BA or Masters but, not having those letters after my name was keeping me from providing for my family. It was humiliating, frustrating and, mad me angry.

So, I decided it was time for me to really do this thing. I was going to get that paper and letters after my name. I was no longer going to allow "that" to keep me from doing what I clearly was capable and more than qualified to do.

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  1. Interested in finding others thinking about going back to school and their experiences. Looking forward to following you on your journey...